“It’s time to take back control of your life, feel empowered and Spring clean your mind – take some time to release negative thoughts.....”

Welcome To BTST Hypnotherapy


BTST Hypnotherapy sessions provided by Claire Buitendag (DipCAH HPD PNLP).

Claire believes that the first step to a healthy body is a healthy mind.


In today’s busy and stressful world many of us don’t have time to care for ourselves as we should. Worry and stress only exacerbate body pain conditions and when the mind and body are full of stress and tension, this increases the pain message. By refocusing and reprogramming thoughts you can turn down stress response and create a more relaxed state in your mind and body.


Claire prides herself in being qualified to offer a professional, confidential, and tailored therapy session, to help you take action to change the quality of your life in a positive way forever.


She will empower you to improve your life and general wellbeing, clear your worries, anxieties, fears and removing limitations holding you back, help you create a whole new approach to life. She believes that anyone can take control of their life and achieve everything they wish for. She will inspire you to transform your life, build on your confidence, self-esteem, motivation, and give you the inspiration to lead a fulfilling balanced life.


Claire’s question to you:- Do you want to feel happier, much more positive, have more energy, and live a balanced life?

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Claire Buitendag

What is Hypnotherapy?


Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not a deep sleep or controlling one’s mind!


It does involve Claire, the therapist, making appropriate positive suggestions whilst you, the client, experiences a sense of deep relaxation. This will help you to focus your attention on narrowing down and accessing your subconscious mind; necessary in order to alter your behavior, emotional and physical state.


She will equip you with ideas, concepts, and lifestyle adaptation that will become seeds firmly planted during this state.



How many sessions will I need?


Firstly, the most important factor is that you the client have the desire to change and is highly motivated to do so. You have to want it to work for you and establish a good clinical rapoore with the therapist in order for it to do so…


You may require several sessions over a period of time in order to achieve meaningful and cemented results. However She will teach you self-hypnosis techniques which can be practiced at home, this will assist with reinforcing the suggestions informal sessions.

Tailored therapy sessions can consist of the following treatments:


Stress Management – Weight management – Relaxation Techniques


Positive Thinking Confidence – Self-Esteem Building & Ego Strengthening
Memory & Learning Techniques – Mental Preparation Strategies – Public Speaking & Presentations – Procrastination – Assertiveness – Motivation – Crisis Management


Anxieties – Fears and Phobias – Building Positive Relationships – Personal Development


Insomnia Treatment – Making Decisions – Childbirth using hypnosis – Fertility Issues