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All the information you need for attending appointments and receiving treatment.

Just booked an appointment? Here’s some information you may need to know:

All Treatments


Payment – We accept Cash, Card & Bank transfer (Bank Transfers must be made prior to treatment)


Clothing – Please wear appropiate clothing, I would reccommend either cycling or running shorts. Areas not being treated will always be covered with a towel. Also anyone wearing shoes with no socks, please bring some clean socks to your appointment.


Massage Oils – We use coconut oil as a massage medium, please inform us prior to your appointment if you have an allergy to nuts.


Hygiene– Please ensure you are clean before arriving for your appointment. We reserve the right to turn anyone away on these grounds at full cost of the appointment. Also anyone wearing shoes with no socks, please bring some clean socks to your appointment.


Appointment Time – Please try to be punctual as appointments are unable to run over.


Medical History – Please complete the the medical questionnaire prior to your appointment which you can access via the link in your confirmation email. During your first appointment, we will explore your medical history to ensure you are OK for all treatments offered, and we will ask you if anything has changed at the beginning of any future appointments.


Please ensure that if something has changed that you inform us straight away so we can update your medical records.


Parking – There is plenty of free parking on site


Cancellation Policy – Cancellation period of 48hours applies, cancellations made within this time will still be charged.


Treatment with our Osteopaths


For all first appointments please book in for the Initial Consultation, Examination and Treatment appointment. This appointment will cover your presenting pain details, medial history, postural examination, Range of movement examination, muscle testing and some treatment.


After the Initial consultation you will be booked in for Follow up appointments.

These appointments are upto 45mins long.


Treatment with our Sports Massage Therapists


For all first appointments please book in for the Initial Consultation and Treatment appointment. This appointment will cover your presenting pain details and medial history, these appointments are 60mins long.


After the Initial consultation you will may book in for either 60min or 30min sport massage appointments.


For full price list, please see the price list page

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Treatment Info


As your treatment progresses, you should start to feel better. This is not an indication that the problem has gone away, it shows that the area is recovering and is less painful. Some conditions will be free from pain in 10days, but may take more than 12weeks to actually recover fully. It is during this time that patients overdo activity and aggravate their condition.


Your treatment plan is devised around the best times to treat your condition. As tissues recover from injury in a reasonably predictable way, we work out your treatment schedule to fit in with this natural recovery time. This is why it is important to keep to appointment times as recommended, to get the maximum benefit. You will not be asked to come for more sessions than are necessary.


On your first session you will probably have been given advice and sometimes exercises, to take away and do at home. If you have not been given any exercises it is because we do not, at this stage, want you to do any. You will be given exercises at an appropriate time if believed beneficial.


After Treatment


Whether this is your first appointment or a follow up, your treatment has probably involved Soft Tissue Massage, physical movement, articulations and possibly included spinal manipulation, acupuncture or/& cupping therapy.


The area treated was in some way damaged and this is what the treatment would have been focused on helping.


As a result of the examination and treatment you MAY experience some increased symptoms and or soreness along with the feeling of dehydration and tiredness. This is completely normal and indicates that the treatment has had an effect. This may occur in the first 24hours and does not usually last more than 3 days.


Activity after treatment


We strongly advise all patients to STOP all activities that are not essential in the first three days following the treatment. Activities such as Sports, Exercise, Gardening, Heavy housework and DIY should be avoided. Excessive activity will not help you recover. Your body needs time to heal and recover. During this time anti inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen or Aspirin can help with any soreness.


If you feel your reaction to treatment is excessively severe or lasts longer than this, please feel free to contact us for advice.


For a chat with one of our team, or to book an appointment, please get in touch with us. You can book a slot directly online at your convenience

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