BTST Exercise Classes

Becoming the best version of you!



6:15pm-7:15pm – BTST Yoga with Mary Elsam **

Beginner or more advanced at yoga? either way with Mary 20+ years of experience you will be in safe hands.
Mary will guide you through the session allowing you to learn the benefit of yoga on both body and mind.



5.45-6.15pm –  BTST Core Strength with Becky Tyler

Taught by Jessica Munn, Core strength class is designed to increase your inner strength. This workout concentrates on abdominal, back and mid section muscles to build muscle strength and protect you from injury.

Unlike other classes which focus purely on smashing out as many exercises and reps as possible to feel the burn with no thought to technique.

Our BTST core strength class is different, it’s about teaching you how to perform this exercise correctly, working at your own pace Jessica will set an exercise and support you both individually and as a group to ensure you engage the correct muscles to truly start to strengthen your core!

Let’s do it properly 🤗


6:15pm-7pm –  BTST Boxercise with Jessica Munn

Come and Join Jessica Munn as she takes you through a fun exercise class, based on the training concepts boxers use to keep fit.
Partnering up you will work with your partner, working through a series of punching combinations using gloves and pads.

Participants will need their own Gloves and Pads for hygiene reasons only limited BTST ones available for beginners.



6:00pm – 6:45pm – BTST Total Tone with Clare Sargent

Total Tone is good fun & social, as well as an all over muscle activation workout.
Clare will have you firing up all the muscles, in the correct way, making everyday activities easier.

Total Tone will help you to increase your metabolic rate, burn calories, stabilise all the joints in your body, and have a good time!



5:30pm – 6:15pm –Back Strength with Clare Sargent

Most people suffer with their back due to a combination of their work, daily lifestyle and lack of back strength.

The benefits of this class are PRICELESS:

– Help strengthen the back muscles, including the glutes
– Improve posture
– Develop a better understanding of your body
– Can help ease any discomfort you feel during everyday activities
– Provides an education; which will allow you to do exercises at home in a correct & safe way.


6:15pm – 6:45pm –Stretch Right with Clare Sargent

Stretch Right with Clare, is EXACTLY THAT!

This class is designed to be:

– Educational
– Can help relieve tight muscles
– Help improve range of movement
– Can help relieve pain & make you feel better 😀

BTST Class Membership

With our BTST Class membership you can take advantage of all our classes for only £25pcm. 

No contract – Cancel any time 

Class booking still required 

** Freelance classes including Yoga and Baby Massage are not included in the class membership


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BTST Class - Pay as you go

Not ready to sign up to our class membership, then our Pay as you go method gives you the freedom to pay for classes as you book. 

60min classes £7

45min classes £5

30min classes £4


Exercise Classes

Whatever your preconceptions, preference or fitness ability all our fitness classes are designed to suit you.

All our class instructors work with our BTST team of experts to ensure your care continues through all aspects including the level and exercises given in our classes. 


BTST classes are always small class numbers ensure you receive the very best tuition. With picturesque views and temperature controlled air condition system, rest assured you’ll enjoy every minute of your class.

We at BTST pride ourselves on working as a team to get you where you want and need to be as quickly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, we can help you achieve the best version of you.

Who we help

Our patients at BTST  include athletes with sports injuries, desk workers with long-term back pain or headaches, mums who have recently given birth and people suffering from long-term health conditions. Some of our clients experience acute or chronic pain and others have ongoing areas of tension, aches or ‘niggles’ which they want to alleviate. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.

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