Sports Massage Therapy In Newark

Looking to treat an existing injury? Keen to prevent emerging soft tissue issues, or simply want to perform at your physical peak? Whatever your needs and situation, we are confident that you can benefit from high-quality sports massage therapy from BTST

Based in Edwinstowe our brand new sports massage clinic is only a short drive from Newark.

Sports Massage is for everyone, not just athletes!

Why Choose BTST for Sports Massage?

At BTST, you will always have a team of experts dedicated to your care. When you book a sports massage with one of our highly qualified therapists, you can rest assured that the entire team is working behind the scenes to ensure you receive top-notch treatment.

Our team includes Osteopaths and Physiotherapists who are ready to assist at a moment’s notice if needed. With BTST, you can trust that you are in good hands every step of the way.

What makes us different


We work as a team always liaising with each other to ensure our patients receive the very best treatment.


You can rest assured our team of massage therapists are constantly up-skilling and attending the latest courses, making them the best around.


Referral to see a Osteopath or Physiotherapist if and when needed.  


We can send you exercises to do, to help speed up your recovery. We can also support your rehab in person with our Personal Trainers.


We have ability to refer you for X,Rays, MRIs and Ultrasound scans, seen within as little as 24hours later.


We can refer and directly liaise with some of the top local Orthopaedic surgeons helping you bypass the NHS waiting times & be confident your seeing the right person.

Need help but not sure who to see?

Who is Sports Massage for?

At BTST, we cater to individuals of all ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds, offering specialised sports massage treatments and complementary approaches that promote improved physical well-being.

Our diverse clientele includes those recovering from physical injuries or accidents, individuals with sports-related injuries due to rigorous physical activity, and many others experiencing discomfort from prolonged periods of sedentary desk work.

No matter the reason for your visit, our team of seasoned professional sports massage therapists are dedicated to providing top-notch sports massage therapy in Newark, that addresses your concerns and yields visible results, often evident after just one session.

Our practitioners take a holistic approach, combining hands-on therapy with personalised rehabilitation efforts to precisely meet the unique needs of each patient.

Sports Massage Assessment

For your initial and following appointments, our therapists will carry out a private and individual consultation to assess your individual needs to ensure a bespoke treatment

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How does sports massage therapy work?

The core element of sports massage therapy is the expert massage treatment itself which is tailored to the individual’s needs and the type of soft tissue in focus. Sports massage therapy focuses on all soft tissues that are used in physical activity, including muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and even skin. The massage corrects any imbalances or issues that have occurred through strenuous and repetitive activity, injury or even sustained periods of inactivity.

Sports Massage Appointments Available Now

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Working with individual athletes

We provide targeted sports massage therapy services in Newark to athletes of all ages, from juniors through to masters. 

We have patients who perform regularly in sports and fitness endeavours as diverse as bodybuilding, CrossFit and martial arts through to distance running, cycling, gymnastics, athletics and boxing. 

Whatever your sport, discipline or objective, our team can help you to remain physically well, to perform at your best and to prepare your body to achieve new goals.

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Working with teams

Our Newark sports massage therapy team can also work with sports teams across the county from junior to a professional level. Treatment for those involved in rugby, football, netball, swimming, athletic and other team sports can help athletes to reach their full potential. 

We will work individually with athletes to treat specific issues or injuries or provide group training and workshops in areas such as injury prevention, muscle taping, muscular strength optimisation, anatomy or any other areas that teams require to perform at their best.

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Working with children

We also offer specialist sports massage therapies in Newark to children and teenagers who are experiencing physical complaints that are typically related to gait abnormalities. Our sports massage therapy Nottingham wide can help to complement medical practices that are designed to counteract these issues, supporting and strengthening soft tissues as they develop and strengthen with targeted exercises. We are adept at helping younger patients to feel confident, relaxed and positive about their treatment and have plenty of experience in putting children (and their parents!) at ease in our comfortable, welcoming clinic.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage benefits athletes by improving flexibility, reducing muscle tension, and enhancing overall performance. This specialised form of massage therapy targets specific muscles used during physical activity, aiding in faster recovery from strenuous workouts or injuries. It promotes blood flow, accelerating the healing process and preventing future injuries. Sports massage also alleviates stress and anxiety, promoting mental relaxation crucial for peak athletic performance. Additionally, it boosts lymphatic drainage, flushing out toxins and reducing inflammation. Regular sessions of sports massage can improve range of motion, preventing muscle imbalances and enhancing athletic longevity. Overall, sports massage is vital for athletes seeking optimal physical and mental well-being.

When to have a Sports Massage

The best outcomes tend to be achieved in the shortest amount of time when patients come to see us quickly. If you are experiencing soft tissue pain or conditions such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia or migraines, have experienced an injury or simply suspect that something just ‘isn’t quite right’, simply get in touch to book a sports massage appointment.

For a chat with one of our team, or to book an appointment, please get in touch with us. You can book a slot directly online at your convenience or call us on 01623 709942

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